‘Megan Foxxy is the best!’ James Franco poses with actress wearing bloodied nightdress in pre-Halloween Instagram

The spookiest day of the year is just a week away, but James Franco and Megan Fox are already getting into the spirit of things.

The actor posed with the Transformners star in an Instagram snapshot which showed her sporting a long white feathered nightdress soaked with fake blood.

‘Megan Foxxy is the best,’ the shaven-headed actor wrote alongside the picture which showed Megan looking rather pouty in artfully applied make-up and loose tumbling hair. It is unclear what project Fox and Franco were working on together or where the photograph was shot.

The 36-year-old star wore an all-black outfit and moustache as he sat on a staircase beside the actress.

James is no stranger to cryptic Instagrams, having recently posted a few shots of himself and actor pal Seth Rogen posing nude outdoors.

‘Boom boom, NAKED and Afraid. Me and Seth, in the bush, naked, together. For reals,’ he wrote alongside one shot.The actors hinted may have something to do with the Discovery Channel television show, Naked And Afraid.

One snap shows the men entirely naked (but pixelated from the hips down) and covered in bits of dirt, with canvas bags slung over their shoulders and brown pendant necklaces around their necks.

Those bags and necklaces are the same ones used by the documentary series.

The popular show usually follows two strangers who meet for the first time and must figure out a way to survive – i.e, find food and shelter – whilst naked.




Film review: Palo Alto

In Richard Linklater’s coming-of-age film Boyhood, being a teenager looks like a lot of fun. The sense of possibility is palpable, and the world seems like an endless stream of opportunities for the taking. In Palo Alto, being a teenager looks bewildering and the world seems utterly incomprehensible.
Adapted from a series of short stories by modern Renaissance man James Franco, the sleepy Californian suburb of Palo Alto epitomises a typical American town. Gia Coppola, Sofia’s niece and Francis Ford’s grand-daughter, has streamlined the narrative for this, her debut feature film, weaving several stories of adolescence into one quiet, but affecting film.
Emma Roberts gives an unusually vulnerable performance as class virgin April who falls for Mr B (Franco), an unnerving PE teacher who preys on members of the girls’ soccer team. Practically every adult in the film is a mess, from self-involved vaping mothers to depressed, suppressed homosexual fathers. With examples like these, it’s a wonder anyone comes out alive, let alone emotionally intact.
Coppola’s voyeurism is more sympathetic than her aunt’s, and she poignantly captures a moment in our lives when we’re uniquely beautiful and inquisitive, but without the tools to deal with either gift.


Making a Scene and Talking 10 Top Films With James Franco

Today, AOL Originals unveiled three all-new episodes of its 10-episode comedy “Making a Scene With James Franco,” an innovative comedy showcasing Academy Award nominee James Franco’s recreation of cinema’s most iconic moments. Whether it’s an irreverent twist on genre or a mash-up of two entirely different scenes, the series throws convention out the window and in the end delivers a truly unique— and always hilarious —twist on cinematic history. The latest installments of “Making a Scene”—all available now—deliver a trio of fresh mashups, including “I’m the King of Wayne’s World,” an absurdist look at what happens when “Wayne’s World” poses as “Titanic”; “Forrest to the Future,” a glimpse at what might have been if “Back to the Future’s” Doc Brown took a journey with the titular Forrest Gump; and “I’m the One That I Want,” a new, narcissistic slant on mega-musical “Grease.” Making a Scene With James Franco is a 10-episode comedy on AOL Originals.

We sat down with the actor, author, artist and photographer to discuss “Making a Scene With James Franco”—a project born of the film buff’s love of movies and a childhood spent acting out scenes with his brothers—his favorite films and what iconic movie he fervently wishes he had been cast in.

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