Rumour: James Franco May Battle The Predator


James Franco is one of those rare actors who seems capable of taking on just about any new challenge a film presents him – but, if this new rumour is to be believed, he may be set to take on his most formidable challenge yet.

On this week’s edition of Meet The Movie Press, the typically well-informed journalist Jeff Snieder reports that Franco may be in the running for the lead in ‘The Predator,’ director Shane Black’s upcoming revival of the sci-fi action franchise.

He says Franco “may not be Shane Black’s top choice,” but hugely powerful casting agency CAA are pushing for their client to be cast in the role.

While Snieder stresses this should be treated purely as a rumour right now, he states, “[Franco] is very high on a list. That’s all I know at this point.”

And Snieder emphasises it may not just be the agency, but also the studio with a vested interest in the actor: “James Franco starred in ‘[Rise of the] Planet of the Apes’ for Fox; he also stars in Fox’s big Christmas comedy, ‘Why Him?’ … so Fox seems to like the James Franco brand.

“It could be interesting. I think Shane Black wants to do someone a little bit different.”

Snieder also mentions that Ben Affleck, Christian Bale and Tom Hardy were on Shane Black’s wishlist for the role earlier on – and, alas, he doesn’t seem to think that Dwayne Johnson is in the running for the film, as had been rumoured.

Followers of the ‘Predator’ series will recall that the last film in the series, 2010’s ‘Predators,’ cast someone “a little bit different” in the lead: Adrien Brody. While there wasn’t necessarily anything wrong with the Oscar-winning ‘The Pianist’ actor’s performance in the Nimrod Antall-directed reboot, it didn’t reignite the franchise the way Fox had hoped.

Of course, it’s almost impossible to judge Franco’s suitability for the lead in ‘The Predator’ as we know nothing about the role, other than that in the current draft of the script (from Black and Fred Dekker) his name is Quinn McKenna.

If McKenna’s meant to be an uber-tough military man in the same vein as Dutch, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hero from the 1987 original, then Franco is far from the obvious choice; but who’s to say what the character might be like at this point?

‘The Predator’ is scheduled to hit cinemas in February 2018.

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AOL scores two Emmy nominations for ‘Park Bench’ and ‘Making a Scene With James Franco’


The 2016 Emmy Award nominees were announced Thursday morning and with it brought some exciting surprises for digital powerhouse, AOL.

AOL scored two nominations in the Outstanding Short Form Variety Series category with their shows, “Making a Scene With James Franco” and “Park Bench with Steve Buscemi.” The veteran company’s two nominations within the category make them a strong contender against fellow nominees “Epic Rap Battles of History” from YouTube, Gay of Thrones from and Honest Trailers from YouTube.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be nominated for two of our original series and our thanks go out to James, Steve, and all the teams involved.” said Nate Hayden, VP of AOL Studios and Original Content. “It is an honor to be acknowledged by the Academy for these two examples of creative storytelling from passionate creators, something we hope to continue to deliver to viewers. ”

Both series offer something different for viewers. Franco’s “Making a Scene” brings his love of movies and television to the digital realm as he remakes famous scenes from television series during season 2. It’s equal parts whimsical and fun as Franco and his team re-imagine scenes and characters with a funny twist.

Buscemi’s “Park Bench” plays on a different love — the love of New York City. The series, which was previously nominated for an Emmy and is in its second season, is an unscripted journey through New York City’s quirks and personalities as told through Buscemi’s unique perspective as a local New Yorker. The show is filmed on a park bench in New York and Buscemi brings together both his celeb pals and local New Yorkers for fun conversations.


James Franco to be honoured at Outfest Awards


Outfest have announed that James Franco and Sundance Film Festival Director John Cooper are to receive this year’s honorary awards, reports Variety.

Franco is to receive the first ever James Schamus Ally Award, created to recognise an individual’s efforts in bringing LGBTQ stories to the forefront, which will be presented to him by director Gus Van Sant on July 16.

Cooper, who is the former Outfest Director of Programming, will receive the Achievement Award. Previous recipients include John Cameron Mitchell, James Schamus, Kimberly Peirce, John Waters, Jane Lynch, Bill Condon, Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, Don Roos, Todd Haynes, Christine Vachon and Gus Van Sant.

Commenting on the honour of receiving the inaugural James Schamus Ally Award Franco said, “I am thrilled to have my name linked with such a Hollywood legend and someone who shepherded all kinds of stories. Nothing was beyond the pale for Schamus — he saw value and entertainment in it all. His work on Wedding Banquet to Brokeback Mountain to Milk changed the landscape for queer cinema and I only hope to make such an impression.” — AFP-Relaxnews

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Nick Jonas and James Franco Show Us the Horror of Fraternity Hazing in ‘GOAT’ Trailer

Hazing is gross. Hazing is stupid. Hazing is something stunted man-children do when they’re not busy cultivating their woefully misguided world views. Thankfully, a mainstream movie is finally going to tackle the frat problem with some help from stars Nick Jonas and James Franco.

GOAT, written by Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green and helmed by Andrew Neel, centers upon two brothers (Nick Jonas and Ben Schnetzer) who both pledge the same fraternity. Based on the memoir of the same name by Brad Land, the film explores the impact of hazing through the eyes of an assault victim and its impact on family, friends, and beyond.

Franco, who co-produced the film under his own Rabbit Bandini Productions banner, also stars. The film has garnered widespread acclaim since screening at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. In a 2005 talk with Random House surrounding the memoir’s release, Land (portrayed by Schnetzer in the film) said his intent was to shine a light on the very real issue of violence in general, not solely in fraternity circles.

“GOAT is a story, first and foremost, one I tried to tell in a true and different way,” Land said. “I never set out to write a polemic, but I do hope people might read it and think a little more about the ways we hurt each other. Violence, in any form, is something each of us deals with—sanctioned, random, public, personal—they’re all expressions of the same base thing.”

GOAT hits theaters and digital platforms Sept. 23.


Watch Bryan Cranston Scheme Against James Franco in the Why Him? Trailer

Bryan Cranston is the protective dad in Why Him? while James Franco plays the loaded Internet tycoon who’s dead set on marrying the wrong guy’s daughter, and Cranston’s not having any of it.

The new trailer shows James Franco out-James Franco-ing himself with a nightmare of a character. This dude has all the modesty of Franco’s role in The Interview plus zero filter when it comes to sharing intimate hot tub stories with his girlfriend’s family. Not even a back tattoo of the fam or a custom bowling alley for the father can win over a dad who really wants to bring the boyfriend down.

If nothing else, watch for the fake vintage L.L. Bean-style dad photos of Bryan Cranston.

Why Him? hits theaters Dec. 25, 2016. Watch the trailer above.


James Franco in Obituaries

A chronicle of the lives affected by a school shooting. Seven vignettes each focus on a victim, and give a glimpse of whom they were, whom they loved, whom they hurt, and whom they wanted to be.

Obituaries from Ryan Moody on Vimeo.

James Franco To Star In ‘Drunken Fireworks’; Stephen King Short Story

James Franco To Star In ‘Drunken Fireworks’; Stephen King Short Story

Add the short story Drunken Fireworks to the number of Stephen King-penned fictions making their way to the big screen. Rabbit Bandini Productions and Rubicon Entertainment have teamed on the drama, and James Franco is set to star. He possibly could direct as well, but that hasn’t yet been decided. The script is being written by Matt Rager, a frequent Franco collaborator whose credits include As I Lay Dying, The Sound And The Fury and the upcoming John Steinbeck novel adaptation In Dubious Battle, all of which Franco directed. Franco and his Rabbit Bandini partner Vince Jolivette will produce with Doug McKay, Robert Kaplan, Marc Senter and Nathan Grubbs of Rubicon.

Drunken Fireworks is a darkly comic tale of a blue-collar mechanic and a retired mob boss who go head to head in an increasingly antagonistic annual Fourth of July fireworks competition. The tale is set in small-town rural Maine, where local good ol’ boy Alden McCausland (Franco) strikes up a rivalry with retired mob boss Nicky Serrano when Nicky moves in across the lake from Alden and his mother. When Nicky bests Alden’s Fourth of July fireworks show, Alden goes to great lengths to ensure that he beats Nicky the next year in a competition known henceforth as the “Fourth of July Arms Race.”


The Trailer for James Franco’s ‘Revamped’ Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?

Lucy Liu, Snoop Dogg Join James Franco’s ‘Future World’

Method Man and Suki Waterhouse also will be joining Franco and Milla Jovovich in the post-apocalyptic indie thriller.
James Franco’s Future World just got a whole lot bigger.

Lucy Liu and Snoop Dogg will be joining Franco and Milla Jovovich in the post-apocalyptic indie thriller, along with fellow newcomers Method Man and Suki Waterhouse. Margarita Levieva and Jeffrey Wahlberg also have been added to the cast.

The pic is based on an original short story by Franco, and follows young Prince from the Oasis and a robot as they go on a daring journey of self-discovery through the violent and desolate world of the Wastelands.

Bruce Cheung and Jay Davis penned the film, which will be directed by Cheung and Franco. Iervolino Bacardi, Monika Bacardi, Vince Jolivette and Jay Davis will produce the project.

AMBI Group will finance and distribute Future World domestically, while AMBI Distribution, the worldwide sales arm of the AMBI Group, will handle global sales.

This is Franco’s second collaboration with AMBI, the first being the multihyphenate’s adaptation of the classic John Steinbeck novel In Dubious Battle.


Milla Jovovich To Star With James Franco In His Sci-Fi Film ‘Future World’

Milla Jovovich is joining the cast of James Franco’s new indie film Future World, playing a drug lord in a post-apocalyptic world that is plagued with heat, ravaged by disease and crippled by chronic war. Franco and Bruce Thierry Cheung are directing and Franco is also acting in the film, the story of which he created.

The project, written by Cheung, Jay Davis and Jeremy Cheung, follows a young boy of noble birth who embarks on a journey through the wasteland of this future world in order to find medicine for his dying mother. Armed with his faithful bodyguard and only a slim hope that this medicine actually exists, he must forge courageously on, facing danger and ultimately the Warlord of this world who has plans of his own as he takes control of a beautiful, life-like robot assassin.Singer-actor George Lewis Jr, known as Twin Shadow, has also been cast in the role of Ratcatcher.


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